New York has one of the most aggressive and business friendly lien laws in the country.

It is designed to protect the hard-working business person and expedite the collection of bad debts. It provides relief  by allowing business owners to demand full payment by a deadline or auction a customer’s property to collect on that debt. It is a powerful legal action that requires an adept knowledge of its application.

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Do not take the law into your own hands.

While it may appear less complicated than hiring an attorney it is just as legally binding. The law must be followed to the letter in order to perfect a lien and secure title, otherwise the business person can be held legally liable for the full value of the property and in some rare cases potentially criminally liable. Do not trust just anyone to file a lien on your behalf.  Rapid Liens has been the leader in NYS garageman’s lien processing for over 20 years.

Simply Put: When you are owed money for authorized work you have performed in a licensed shop, you have the right to file a lien against their car, boat, PWC, equipment or other vehicle or vessel you have in your possession. If that lien isn’t paid, you can advertise and auction their property to recover your money or in many cases claim the title for your own use and resale.

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