A garageman’s lien is the fastest, easiest and most effective way to get deadbeat customers to pay their bills.

In today’s economy small business owners cannot afford to wait on their money. Taxes are higher, vendors want their money faster, credit rules are tighter and it is harder and harder to make a buck. Yet one thing is for sure there is no shortage of deadbeat customers willing to leave their vehicles or vessels on your property, ask you to invest time and money to repair them and then are unwilling to pay their bill.

You have probably tried to be nice, tried to be firm and even tried pleading. Threatening hasn’t worked and neither has trying to be understanding. One thing for sure will work every time, call us immediately at 1-800-79-LIENS and we will place a lien on your behalf. Our process is quick, firm and effective. After a thorough investigation and discovery of all interested parties, we will notify your customer that they have a limited time to pay every dollar that is owed, plus storage and our fee or their property will be sold at public auction and they will lose their title.

It’s amazing how effective real action can be in motivating deadbeat customers to pay. When you are done playing around and realize you deserve to be paid for your work, stop playing Mr. Nice Guy. Call Rapid Liens and we will get you your money or claim of title in about 30 days.