Are you tired of all the old cars, boats, trucks and other customer property taking up valuable space on your lot?  Are you sick of the junk and rust buckets wasting away while you work hard to earn money for your business?

All these vehicles and vessels take up space and are a liability to your business, yet you can’t junk, scrap, dismantle or sell any of them without proof of ownership. Your stuck between the proverbial rock and hard place. Junk in your lot and you can’t legally do anything with it nor can you get anyone to pay.

Call Rapid Liens at 800-79-Liens today and in about 30 days we can get you claim of title that will allow you to do what you want with the property and finally clear your yard of all the useless junk that is taking valuable space from your business.

Stop wasting your time and clear your yard, call Rapid Liens today.