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    Auto & Marine Mechanic Liens

    When customers owe you money, call Rapid Liens at 800-79 LIENS. In about 30 days we will get you paid or enforce your rights under law to lien their property, sell it at auction to reclaim the money you are owed and claim title.

    Licensed, Bonded Lien & Auction Services.

    If you are a licensed service professional in the automotive, trucking, marine or aviation industries and you have customers who refuse to pay you for work you performed, we can help you legally enforce your rights.

    Start My Mechanic Lien

    Get Cash You’re Owed With A Mechanic Lien

    Filing an auto or marine mechanic lien with Rapid Liens is the most effective way to get your slow paying customers to cough up the money they owe. No matter how many times you call or send letters as long as your slow pay customers think you’re not serious they won’t make an effort to pay.

    Auto & Marine Mechanic Liens Can Get You Paid

    You have the right to demand your money and you have the right under law to hold their property up for auction if they refuse to acknowledge your rightful demands. You must however take the first steps to file a proper lien. Sitting around waiting will get you no where.

    Claim Title With A Mechanic Lien

    Rapid Liens filing of your Auto or Marine Mechanic Lien will act as a final demand for payment and will serve as an auction notice to your slow paying customers to pay or potentially lose their property.

    Auto & Marine Mechanic Liens Can Help You Claim Title

    Sections 184, 201 and 202 of the Lien Law specify the procedure for foreclosing (auto & marine mechanic lien) for businesses engaged in repairing, towing or storing vehicles, including boats.  As part of that law, if the customer doesn’t pay the property can be sold at auction and you can claim title.

    Start My Mechanic Lien